Cruise Hotel-Restaurant

  • Hotel “Cruise” is a modern hotel that began operating in October 2008 and comprises 50 premium class rooms, two restaurants, hi-tech conference facilities, a 600 m2 deck for events and terraces where guests can relax.

    As a result of hard work and an individual approach to each guest, the hotel has, by now, successfully established itself as one of the most popular and well known hotels in Tbilisi. The hotel has spectacular views and stands high-up on the banks of the river Mtkvari, that runs through central Tbilisi, and the structure itself is fashioned like a ship and specially designed to imbue the extraordinary sensation of being afloat on the water.

    Within the complex, and in addition to the premium class rooms, the two restaurants comprise a grand hall and a small hall. There is a bar with individual alcoves that afford some privacy and two seasonal cafe’s. Also, there is a conference hall equipped with the latest technology and a meeting room. As already mentioned, there is also a 600 m2 deck for hosting high-profile events in the Tbilisi area.

    The hotel welcomes guests of all types, be they business people, tourists, private parties or private individuals. Indeed, the hotel is organized in such a way that each type of guest has access to a full set of services, according to their needs.

    Many services are available on a 24/7 basis and others by prior arrangement. Please do not hesitate to ask at reception. The scale of the hotel provides the particular opportunity for businesses/organisations to host out-of-office meetings and conferences. Furthermore, the hotel staff is well-versed in providing every type of support service and technical assistance for this kind of event.

    The hotel staff prides themselves in taking exceptional and individual care of their guests, as well as keeping the hotel itself and its greenery, in a first-class condition. Moreover, the staff of Hotel “Cruise” strives to provide for their guests an optimal environment which is conducive to relaxation, work or entertainment, and of course we hope that our guests will return to us on their next visit to Tbilisi.

    European Hall for 150 guests

    banquet hall that can accommodate 350 guests;

    Conference room for 150 guests – an unusual environment for business meetings;

    Weddings ceremonial organization (the open air), weddings design;

    The beautiful terraces, which overlooks the shore of Mtkvari The restaurant terraces at 6 coupe and also a wide variety of drinks at the bar VIP compartment for 50 guests;

    Music Program starts at 7 pm, Working hours: from 10 am until the last guest leaves.

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