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  • Zgapari Restaurant “Fairy Tale” is located in Mtskheta, Tsitsamuri.
    The restaurant consists of 2 main parts, the main highway near the old Georgian town it consists of modern-styled built hall for 100 persons, 2 fireplace compartments and open terrace,  there is the wooden hut for 20 persons  separately and another compartment in the garden for 40  persons. Zgapati is outstanding for its regional Georgian traditional Dishes, barbecues and Georgian bakery. It is perfect Place for tourist groups, foreign visitors and drive through conditions as well. It welcomes guests for all ages.
    Tel: + (995) 558 656565

Contact Information
Smiley face +(995) 558 656565
Smiley face Restorani.zgapari@mail.ru
Smiley face Mtsketa Tsitsamuri, close to VOLVO Construction Device Centre