Zgapari Restaurant Ricoti

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Zgapari Restaurant in Ricoti

Restaurant Zgapari which means in Georgian “Fairy Tale” is a clear example of Georgian traditional cuisine.
The dishes here are made from the highest quality, freezing and GMO free products. the Restaurant has gained popularity in whole Country with its Hospitality and specially cooked Dishes.
The restaurant consists of verandas and main hall, old Georgian and modern style of the Guest halls and verandas can accomodate 300 persons and even more. Good for tourist groups and any guest who looking for the true Georgian Guisine with unforgettable hospitality.

Zgapari Restaurant Ricoti
Smiley face +995 596 000 900
Smiley face +995 599 569 240
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Smiley face Ricoti Ubisa-Shorapani Highway , Imereti Georgia