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Restaurant “Tbilisi” – a pleasant Place which offers the best prices.

It Invites you to cozy courtyard with the delicious dishes … the sound of the fountain and the natural green with the pleasant mood without leaving the city.
Also “Hangover” menu – Soup special selection, delicious giant kebabs (made of fresh, not frozen meat !!!)

Also, the restaurant “Tbilisi” offers wedding, birthday, Baptism Feast,  and other event organizing, design, photo or
Farm products, prepared delicious dishes on the menu will develop affordable prices !!!

The restaurant has its own parking.

You can only rent the hall, various types of events.

Every evening you can listen singing show  Dato Tetradze band …


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Smiley face +(995) 32 2748555
Smiley face +(995) 551580706
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