Gujari Restaurant Museum

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  • Wonderful environment for business meetingsExcellent Service and professional stuff.Upscale banquet hall for 200 persons.Separate hall for 500 persons for private and corporate events:  conferences with screen and projector, Weddings, including organization of wedding ceremonial, outdoor event possible, wedding design, decoration.Special hall  for tasting different kinds of drinks. Open terrace with marvelous views of Town.Live performance of Music Bands in the evenings.
  • Term “Gujari” is used in Georgian language from XI century and the meaning is the
    general document issued by king. Great lexicographer Sulkhan-Saba Orbeliani is
    defining “Gujari” as great deed, important document. In year 1447 during the rule
    of George VIII “Mtsketa’s Gujari” was created and granted to city of Mtskheta.
  • Name of the restaurant – “Gujari” underlines the fact that guests of the restaurant
    are treated and hosted according to Georgian history, culture and traditions.
  • Along with worlds different culinary masterpieces here you can taste delicious Georgian dishes prepared with ancient traditions, Georgian cognac and wine with rich and colorful aromas. Georgia is the homeland of vine and wine, and you will fully feel it at the restaurant “Gujari”.
  • The restaurant is distinguished with its exterior, unique architecture and design decided in elite style. Restaurants yard is the beautiful garden with unique plants and rose alley.
  • Visiting “Gujari” you will find yourself in cozy, friendly and calm ambiance.


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Mr. Ilia Rukhadze, Director (+995) 568 100777 (+995) 597 515555
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Smiley face N156 Agmashenebeli street, Mtskheta Georgia